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Home > Releases > World Development Indicators > Ease of doing business index for Mozambique (ICBUSEASEXQMOZ)

Ease of doing business index for Mozambique (ICBUSEASEXQMOZ)

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Ease of doing business index for Mozambique 2014-05-06 Current

World Bank 2014-05-06 Current

World Development Indicators 2014-05-06 Current

1=Most Business-friendly Regulations 2014-05-06 Current

Annual 2014-05-06 Current
Seasonal Adjustment    

Not Seasonally Adjusted 2014-05-06 Current

Ease of doing business ranks economies from 1 to 189, with first place being the best. A high ranking (a low numerical rank) means that the regulatory environment is conducive to business operation. The index averages the country's percentile rankings on 10 topics covered in the World Bank's Doing Business. The ranking on each topic is the simple average of the percentile rankings on its component indicators.

World Bank Source: World Bank, Doing Business project (

Source Indicator: IC.BUS.EASE.XQ

2014-05-06 Current

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