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Current Employment Statistics (Establishment Survey)

The establishment survey provides data on employment, hours, and earnings by industry.
Numerous conceptual and methodological differences between the current population (household) and establishment surveys result in important distinctions in the employment estimates derived from the surveys. Among these are:
The household survey includes agricultural workers, the self- employed, unpaid family workers, and private household workers among the employed. These groups are excluded from the establishment survey.
The household survey includes people on unpaid leave among the employed. The establishment survey does not.
The household survey is limited to workers 16 years of age and older. The establishment survey is not limited by age.
The household survey has no duplication of individuals, because individuals are counted only once, even if they hold more than one job. In the establishment survey, employees working at more than one job and thus appearing on more than one payroll are counted separately for each appearance.
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Total Nonfarm (5)
Total Private (29)
Goods-Producing (27)
Service-Providing (1)
Private Service-Providing (27)
Mining and Logging (39)
Construction (41)
Manufacturing (32)
              Durable Goods (63)
Nondurable Goods (57)
Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (27)
Wholesale Trade (33)
Retail Trade (55)
Transportation and Warehousing (47)
Utilities (27)
Information (39)
              Financial Activities (53)
Professional and Business Services (55)
Education and Health Services (51)
Leisure and Hospitality (41)
Other Services (33)
Government (23)

* Note that the number of series revisions in a category and its subcategories is shown above in parentheses. Here, series revisions are defined as distinct series plus any real-time changes to series attributes: title, frequency, units, seasonal adjustment, and notes. Revisions to data values are not included in counts.

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