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Home > Releases > Surveys of Consumers > University of Michigan: Consumer Sentiment (DISCONTINUED)© (UMCSENT1)

University of Michigan: Consumer Sentiment (DISCONTINUED)© (UMCSENT1)

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  Real-Time Period
Title Start     End     

University of Michigan: Consumer Sentiment (DISCONTINUED)© 2004-01-30 Current

Survey Research Center: University of Michigan 2004-01-30 2006-12-31
Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan 2007-01-01 Current

Surveys of Consumers 2004-01-30 Current

Index 1966:Q1=100 2004-01-30 Current

Not Applicable 2004-01-30 Current
Seasonal Adjustment    

Not Seasonally Adjusted 2004-01-30 Current

Discontinued - Please see FRED data series UMCSENT for monthly data beginning in January 1978. Copyright, 2014, Survey Research Center, University of Michigan. Reprinted with permission.

For more information about the survey, please see:
United States, and Bureau of Economic Analysis. Handbook of Cyclical Indicators: A Supplement to the Business Conditions Digest. (1977) p. 31,

2004-01-30 Current

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