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Flow of Funds


B.101 Balance Sheet of Households and Nonprofit Organizations (71)
B.103 Balance Sheet of Nonfinancial Corporate Business (60)
B.104 Balance Sheet of Nonfinancial Noncorporate Business (62)
D.3 Credit Market Debt Outstanding by Sector (15)
L.1 Credit Market Debt Outstanding (105)
L.203 Net Interbank Transactions (39)
              L.208 Debt Securities (52)
L.214 Loans (50)
S.1 Total Economy - Current Account (73)
S.2 Selected Aggregates for Total Economy and Sectors (184)
S.3 Households and Nonprofit Institutions Serving Households (294)
S.4 Nonfinancial Noncorporate Business (219)
              S.5 Nonfinancial Corporate Business (281)
S.6 Financial Business (288)
S.7 Federal Government (277)
S.8 State and Local Governments (199)
S.9 Rest of the World (304)

* Note that the number of series revisions in a category and its subcategories is shown above in parentheses. Here, series revisions are defined as distinct series plus any real-time changes to series attributes: title, frequency, units, seasonal adjustment, and notes. Revisions to data values are not included in counts.

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