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Home > Releases > H.15 Selected Interest Rates > Treasury Long-Term Average (25 years and above) (DISCONTINUED) (DLTA)

Treasury Long-Term Average (25 years and above) (DISCONTINUED) (DLTA)

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Treasury Long-Term Average (25 years and above) (DISCONTINUED) 2004-06-01 Current

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (US) 2004-06-01 Current

H.15 Selected Interest Rates 2004-06-01 Current

Percent 2004-06-01 Current

Daily 2004-06-01 Current
Seasonal Adjustment    

Not Seasonally Adjusted 2004-06-01 Current

Based on the unweighted average of the bid yields for all Treasury fixed-coupon securities with remaining terms to maturity of 25 years and over. **DISCONTINUED** For further information, please refer to

2004-06-01 Current

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