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Home > Releases > St. Louis Bi-Weekly Reserves and Monetary Base > Reserve Adjustment Magnitude (RAM) (DISCONTINUED) (DISBWRAM)

Reserve Adjustment Magnitude (RAM) (DISCONTINUED) (DISBWRAM)

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Reserve Adjustment Magnitude (RAM) (DISCONTINUED) 2003-07-10 Current

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis 2003-07-10 Current

St. Louis Bi-Weekly Reserves and Monetary Base 2003-07-10 Current

Billions of Dollars 2003-07-10 Current

Not Applicable 2003-07-10 Current
Seasonal Adjustment    

Not Seasonally Adjusted 2003-07-10 Current

This series was discontinued on July 14, 2003. For information on the construction of this series, please refer to For information on the reconstructed series (ADJRAM), available starting on July 14, 2003, please refer to

2003-07-10 Current

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