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Download Release Dates for Release: Financial Soundness Indicators

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Financial Soundness Indicators 2011-11-01 Current
Link 2011-11-01 Current

International Monetary Fund 2011-11-01 Current

The Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs) were developed by the IMF, together with the international community, with the aim of supporting macroprudential analysis and assessing strengths and vulnerabilities of financial systems.

The website, hosted by the Statistics Department of the IMF, disseminates data and metadata on selected FSIs provided by participating countries. For a description of the various FSIs, as well as the consolidation basis, consolidation adjustments, and accounting rules followed, please refer to the “Concepts and Definitions” document ( The Statistics Department will steadily increase the number of countries reporting FSIs for dissemination on this site.

Reporting countries compile FSI data presented on this website by using different methodologies, which may also vary for different points in time for the same country. Users are advised to consult the accompanying metadata ( to conduct more meaningful cross-country comparisons or to assess the evolution of a given FSI for any of the countries. For a customized search of the database please use the the query builder ( in IMF eLibrary Data.

2011-11-01 Current
File Name Format
release_dates_238.xls Excel
release_dates_238.txt Text

Release Dates Notes:

Release dates are determined by the following process:

When available, the actual release date as provided by the source is entered into the ALFRED database. If a release date is not available from the source, the release date given by our data providers is used. If a release date cannot be determined either from the source or from our data providers, the date that the series was first available in the St. Louis Fed's FRED database is used.

The release date list contains the dates when any series from this release was revised. Note that all series from a release do not necessarily revise on every release date.

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