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Penn World Table 7.1


Component Shares of GDP per Capita (Constant Prices) (570)
Component Shares of GDP per Capita (Current Prices) (570)
Exchange Rates (190)
GDP per Capita (Current Prices) (570)
Gross Domestic Income, Adjustments for Changes in Terms of Trade (190)
Openness (380)
              Population (190)
Price Levels of GDP, Consumption, Government, and Investment (950)
Purchasing Power Parity (190)
Purchasing Power Parity Converted GDP (190)
Ratio of GNP to GDP (190)
Real GDP per Capita (Constant Prices) (570)
              Real GDP per Capita Relative to U.S. (380)
Real GDP per Equivalent Adult (190)
Real GDP per Hour Worked by Employees (52)
Real GDP per Person Engaged (29)
Real GDP per Person Counted in Total Employment (121)
Real GDP per Worker (368)

* Note that the number of series revisions in a category and its subcategories is shown above in parentheses. Here, series revisions are defined as distinct series plus any real-time changes to series attributes: title, frequency, units, seasonal adjustment, and notes. Revisions to data values are not included in counts.

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