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Home > Releases > Harmonized Indices of Consumer Prices (HICP) > Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices: Services (Overall Index Excluding Goods) for Cyprus© (SERV00CYM086NEST)

Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices: Services (Overall Index Excluding Goods) for Cyprus© (SERV00CYM086NEST)

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Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices: Services (Overall Index Excluding Goods) for Cyprus© 2012-06-15 Current

Statistical Office of the European Communities 2012-06-15 Current

Harmonized Indices of Consumer Prices (HICP) 2012-06-15 Current

Index 2005=100 2012-06-15 Current

Monthly 2012-06-15 Current
Seasonal Adjustment    

Not Seasonally Adjusted 2012-06-15 Current

The Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices category "Services, Overall Index Excluding Goods (SERV)" is a classification of services that includes Cleaning, Repair, and Hire of Clothing (03.1.4), Actual Rentals Paid by Tenants including Other Actual Rentals (04.1.1/2), Services for the Maintenance and Repair of the Dwelling (04.3.2), Refuse Collection (04.4.2), Sewerage Collection (04.4.3), Other Services relating to the Dwelling, Not Elsewhere Classified (04.4.4), Repair of Furniture, Furnishings, and Floor Coverings (05.1.3), Repair of Household Appliances (05.3.3), Domestic Services and Household Services (05.6.2), Medical and Paramedical Services (06.2.1/3), Dental Services (06.2.2), Hospital Services (06.3.0), Maintenance and Repair of Personal Transport Equipment (07.2.3), Other Services in Respect of Personal Transport Equipment (07.2.4), Passenger Transport by Railway (07.3.1), Passenger Transport by Road (07.3.2), Passenger Transport by Air (07.3.3), Passenger Transport by Sea and Inland Waterway (07.3.4), Combined Passenger Transport (07.3.5), Other Purchased Transport Services (07.3.6), Postal Services (08.1), Telephone and Telefax Equipment and Telephone and Telefax Services (08.2/3), Repair of Audio-Visual, Photographic, and Information Processing Equipment (09.1.5), Maintenance and Repair of Other Major Durables for Recreation and Culture (09.2.3), Recreational and Sporting Services (09.4.1), Cultural Services (09.4.2), Package Holidays (09.6), Pre-Primary and Primary, Secondary, Post-Secondary Non-Tertiary, Tertiary Education, and Education not Definable by Level (10.X), Restaurants, cafés, and the Like (11.1.1), Canteens (11.1.2), Accommodation Services (11.2), Hairdressing Salons and Personal Grooming Establishments (12.1.1), Social Protection (12.4), Insurance Connected with the Dwelling (12.5.2), Insurance Connected with Health (12.5.3), Insurance Connected with Transport (12.5.4), Other Insurance (12.5.5), Other Financial Services, Not Elsewhere Classified (12.6.2), and Other Services, Not Elsewhere Classified (12.7).

Information provided in the notes pertaining to Special Aggregates HICP classifications can be found from the source at:

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2012-06-15 Current

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