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M1 for India© (MYAGM1INM189N)

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M1 for India© 2011-10-13 Current

International Monetary Fund 2011-10-13 Current

International Financial Statistics 2011-10-13 Current

National Currency 2011-10-13 Current

Monthly 2011-10-13 Current
Seasonal Adjustment    

Not Seasonally Adjusted 2011-10-13 Current

M1 comprises currency outside the banking system, demand deposits with the banking system, and other deposits with the RBI. Currency outside the banking system comprises currency notes issued by the RBI and coins issued by the Government of India less currency notes and coins holdings of the RBI and the banking system. Demand deposits comprises all liabilities, which are payable on demand and include transferable deposits, transferable liabilities portion of savings deposits, margin held against letter of credit, balances in overdue fixed deposits, cash certificates, cumulative and recurring deposits, outstanding telegraph transfers (TTs), mail transfers (MTs), demand drafts (DDs), unclaimed deposits, credit balances in the cash credit account, and deposits held as security for advances that are payable on demand. Other deposits comprises deposits of quasi government and other financial institutions including primary dealers, foreign central banks and governments, international agencies, Provident Fund, gratuity and guarantee funds of the RBI staff, and profits of the RBI held temporarily under the deposits pending transfer to the central government.

Copyright, 2014, International Monetary Fund. Reprinted with permission.

2011-10-13 Current

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