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M1 for Brazil© (MYAGM1BRM189N)

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M1 for Brazil© 2012-02-08 Current

International Monetary Fund 2012-02-08 Current

International Financial Statistics 2012-02-08 Current

National Currency 2012-02-08 Current

Monthly 2012-02-08 Current
Seasonal Adjustment    

Not Seasonally Adjusted 2012-02-08 Current

M1 comprises currency held by the public, and demand deposits. Demand deposits include deposits of the private sector; of the federal, state, and municipal governments; of the federal, state, and municipal enterprises; and of the financial institutions that are not subject to reserve requirements. M1 also includes domestic currency deposits of nonresidents, travelers' checks issued and not cashed, certified checks with a fixed payment date, payroll checks, and customers' credit balances on loan and financing accounts.

Copyright, 2014, International Monetary Fund. Reprinted with permission.

2012-02-08 Current

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