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Per Capita Personal Income in Indiana© (INOPCI)

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Per Capita Personal Income in Indiana© 2005-06-22 Current

US. Bureau of Economic Analysis 2005-06-22 Current

State Personal Income (Quarterly) 2005-06-22 Current

Dollars 2005-06-22 Current

Quarterly 2005-06-22 Current
Seasonal Adjustment    

Not Seasonally Adjusted 2005-06-22 Current

Calculated by Haver Analytics. Copyright, 2014, Haver Analytics. Reprinted with permission. Real personal income in chained dollars is personal income divided by personal consumption expenditure chained price index.

Please visit for documentation on the derivation of personal income.

Due to the historical revision applied to data, the historical values prior January 2001 have been eliminated from the series. These data values are expected to return sometime in 2014.

2005-06-22 Current

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