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Residence Adjustment in Illinois (ILEADJ)

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Residence Adjustment in Illinois 2005-06-22 Current

US. Bureau of Economic Analysis 2005-06-22 Current

State Personal Income (Quarterly) 2005-06-22 Current

Millions of Dollars 2005-06-22 2013-09-29
Thousands of Dollars 2013-09-30 Current

Quarterly 2005-06-22 Current
Seasonal Adjustment    

Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate 2005-06-22 Current

The adjustment for residence consists of adjustments for border workers: income of U.S. residents commuting outside U.S. borders to work less income of foreign residents commuting inside U.S. borders to work plus certain Carribean seasonal workers.

Please visit for documentation on the derivation of personal income.

2005-06-22 Current

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