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Home > Releases > Penn World Table 7.1 > Ratio of GNP to GDP for China (GNPGD2CNA156NUPN)

Ratio of GNP to GDP for China (GNPGD2CNA156NUPN)

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Ratio of GNP to GDP for China 2012-11-30 Current

University of Pennsylvania 2012-11-30 Current

Penn World Table 7.1 2012-11-30 Current

Percent 2012-11-30 Current

Annual 2012-11-30 Current
Seasonal Adjustment    

Not Seasonally Adjusted 2012-11-30 Current

This data series refers to China Version 2. Two estimates are provided for China and their rationale is discussed in the Detailed Documentation. One estimate is based mostly on ICP 2005 and national growth statistics and is labeled China1. China1 does incorporate a productivity adjustment that has been applied to all countries in ICP 2005. China2 also adjusts for the urban character of its prices in ICP 2005 and also adjusts the growth rate. See more information at

More information is available at

For proper citation, see

For proper citation, see

Source Indicator: cgnp

2012-11-30 Current

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Academic Data > Penn World Table 7.1 > Ratio of GNP to GDP

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