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Release Calendar
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    Real-Time Period
Release desc Press Release Start     End     
Money Zero Maturity (MZM) No 1998-07-31 Current
Money Velocity No 2010-07-30 Current
Monetary Services Index (MSI) No 1998-03-20 Current
Minimum Wage Rates No 2015-06-30 Current
Mexican Foreign Exchange Intervention No 2011-07-01 Current
Metropolitan Area Per Capita Personal Income No 2007-08-07 Current
Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment Yes 2005-06-01 Current
Metro Area Economic Conditions Indexes No 2015-03-31 Current
Manufacturing ISM Report on Business Yes 2002-01-02 Current
Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey Yes 2015-06-18 Current
Manufacturing and Trade Inventories and Sales Yes 1996-11-15 Current
Manufacturer's Shipments, Inventories, and Orders (M3) Survey Yes 1997-03-06 Current
Main Economic Indicators No 2010-12-10 Current
M2 Related Series No 2003-03-28 Current
M2 Own Rate No 2014-03-07 Current
Long-Term U.S. Treasury Securities - Market Yield No 1996-10-11 Current
Local Area Personal Income Yes 2014-05-30 Current
Labor Force Status Flows from the Current Population Survey Yes 2014-06-06 Current
Kansas City Financial Stress Index Yes 2010-11-08 Current
Kansas City Fed Labor Market Conditions Indicators Yes 2014-12-10 Current
Job Openings and Labor Turnover Yes 2010-08-11 Current
Japan Foreign Exchange Intervention No 2008-07-21 Current
J.3 Demand Deposits, Currency and Related Items Yes 1960-11-14 1965-07-29
Italian Foreign Exchange Intervention (DISCONTINUED) No 2008-03-12 Current
International Unemployment Rates and Employment Indexes No 2010-11-04 Current
International Investment Position Yes 2015-09-29 Current
International Indexes of Consumer Prices No 2010-08-13 Current
International Financial Statistics No 2011-10-13 Current
International Comparisons of Manufacturing Productivity and Unit Labor Cost Trends Yes 2010-12-21 Current
International Comparisons of GDP per Capita and per Hour Yes 2010-10-21 Current
International Comparisons of Annual Labor Force Statistics No 2010-06-02 Current
Interest Rate Spreads No 2014-01-27 Current
Interest on Required Balances and Excess Balances No 2009-11-11 Current
Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States No 2012-02-09 2012-09-23
Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States Yes 2012-09-24 2014-09-15
Income and Poverty in the United States Yes 2014-09-16 Current
ICE Libor Rates No 2014-02-01 Current
Housing Vacancies and Homeownership Yes 2013-11-05 Current
Housing Units Authorized By Building Permits (Seasonally Adjusted) No 2011-12-23 Current
Housing Units Authorized By Building Permits No 2007-11-28 Current
House Price Index No 2008-05-22 Current
Household Debt Service and Financial Obligations Ratios Yes 1999-11-09 Current
Hours of Wage and Salary Workers on Nonfarm Payrolls by Sector Yes 2015-07-17 Current
Health Insurance Coverage No 2007-08-28 Current
Health Care Satellite Account No 2015-08-12 Current
Harmonized Indices of Consumer Prices (HICP) No 2012-06-15 Current
H.8 Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the United States Yes 1996-12-06 Current
H.6 Money Supply and Time Deposits Yes 1966-04-14 1970-12-22
H.6 Money Stock Measures and Liquid Assets Yes 1980-02-08 1984-02-15
H.6 Money Stock Measures Yes 1971-04-22 1980-02-07

Release Revisions 101 - 150 of 241   « Previous 1  2  3  4  5 Next » 

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