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Commercial Banks in Indiana (INNUM)

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Commercial Banks in Indiana 2002-06-14 Current

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council 2002-06-14 Current

Reports of Condition and Income for All Insured U.S. Commercial Banks 2002-06-14 Current

Number 2002-06-14 Current

Quarterly, End of Period 2002-06-14 Current
Seasonal Adjustment    

Not Seasonally Adjusted 2002-06-14 Current

This series includes institutions with the Charter Type call item RSSD9048 = 200; Entity Type call item RSSD9331 = 1; and Bank Type Analysis call item RSSDroll9425 = (0,3,4). ##Charter Type call item RSSD9048 = 200 represents Commercial Bank (including depository trust companies, credit card companies with commercial bank charters, private banks, development banks, limited charter banks, and foreign banks)##Entity Type call item RSSD9331 = 1 represents Commercial Bank.##Bank Type Analysis call item RSSD9425 = (0,3,4) represents a commercial bank, and it is either: not subject to special analysis; a grandfathered non-bank bank; or a credit card bank.##Geographic location is determined by Abbreviated State Name call item RSSD9200 = "IN" representing two character state abbreviation of Indiana.##For more information and definition about the specific call item codes, please see series is calculated by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis using raw data that are collected by the FFIEC. Raw data can be found at

2002-06-14 Current

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