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Commercial Real Estate Loans to Total Loans for South Africa© (CRELTLZAM163N)

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Commercial Real Estate Loans to Total Loans for South Africa© 2011-11-01 Current

International Monetary Fund 2011-11-01 Current

Financial Soundness Indicators 2011-11-01 Current

Ratio 2011-11-01 Current

Monthly 2011-11-01 Current
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Not Seasonally Adjusted 2011-11-01 Current

This series is calculated by using in the numerator loans collateralized by commercial real estate, loans to construction companies, and loans to companies active in the development of real estate; and gross loans as the denominator. It is an asset quality ratio, which measures banks exposure to the commercial real estate market. A high concentration of the loan portfolio in real estate signals the potential existence of an important vulnerability in the financial system.

Copyright, 2014, International Monetary Fund. Reprinted with permission.

2011-11-01 Current

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