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ALFRED: Archival Federal Reserve Economic Data, Economic Data Time Travel from the St. Louis Fed
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ArchivaL Federal Reserve Economic Data

Economic Data Time Travel from the St. Louis Fed's Economic Research Division.

ALFRED® allows you to retrieve vintage versions of economic data that were available on specific dates in history. In general, economic data for past observation periods are revised as more accurate estimates become available. As a result, previous vintages of data can be superseded and may no longer be available from various data sources. Vintage or real time economic data allows academics to reproduce others' research, build more accurate forecasting models, and analyze economic policy decisions using the data available at the time. For more information, read the help page and the presentation ALFRED: Capturing data as it happens.

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Currently, vintage data are available for 240,061 series in 9 categories:

Academic Data (13,671)
Money, Banking, & Finance (6,703)
National Accounts (19,251)
              Population, Employment, & Labor Markets (10,765)
Production & Business Activity (8,361)
Prices (3,197)
              International Data (98,556)
Greenbook Projections (26)
U.S. Regional Data (105,227)

The earliest vintage available is 1927-01-26 for series Industrial Production Index.

Release Calendar

 Release Date  Release Release Last Updated
2014-12-19  BEA Regions Employment and Unemployment 2014-12-19
Commercial Paper 2014-12-19
Daily Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities 2014-12-19
Economic Policy Uncertainty 2014-12-19
FOMC Press Release 2014-12-19
G.20 Finance Companies 2014-12-19
Gold Fixings - Daily Prices 2014-12-19
H.15 Selected Interest Rates 2014-12-19
H.8 Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the United States 2014-12-19
Interest Rate Spreads 2014-12-19
M2 Related Series 2014-12-19
Money Zero Maturity (MZM) 2014-12-19
NASDAQ 2014-12-19
Nikkei Indexes 2014-12-19
Regional and State Employment and Unemployment 2014-12-19
Regional and State Employment and Unemployment (Seasonally Adjusted) 2014-12-19
State Personal Income (Quarterly) 2014-12-19
St. Louis Monthly Reserves and Monetary Base 2014-12-19
Texas Employment Data 2014-12-19
BofA Merrill Lynch 2014-12-19
CBOE Market Statistics 2014-12-19
Cleveland Financial Stress Index 2014-12-18
H.4.1 Factors Affecting Reserve Balances (data not included in press release) 2014-12-05
ICE Libor Rates 2014-12-19
Wilshire Indexes 2014-12-19
More Releases ...

Note that release dates are published by data sources and do not necessarily represent when data will be available on this website.

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